Rainy night Moonwalk

Designer bras on display at the Walk The Walk event
Designer bras on display at the Walk The Walk event


Clapham Common, London, on a very windy and rainy evening in May. It was the night of the Moonwalk. The event organised by Walk The Walk, a charity dedicated to raising money for breast cancer causes.

I had heard about the Moonwalk but this was my first time working at the event –  I was there to photograph the celebrities for Walk The Walk. Great guest tent – tent’s the wrong word – more of a marquee/orangery, styled with trees adorned with fairy lights.

Anyway the event is all about bras – and showing off your decorated bra on the walk, and not just for women as men are encouraged to don a bra and join in the walk too. Mannequins wearing bras decorated by designers and celebrities including Aliza Reger and Charlie Dimmock were on display in the guest tent.

So my evening was spent shooting the celebrities and their bras, including Walk The Walk ambassador, Harriet Thorpe. A very upbeat event – also a  friendly bunch of press photographers to work alongside.

Midnight and the walkers were on their way. I drove  my assistant for the night, Lauren, back to Clapham Common tube station – yep, the tube to Elephant and Castle much quicker than car even at that time of night. I sat in the queue of traffic on Clapham High Street and thought about the walkers. A cold night, still a little rain, and I guess unlike the marathon – no streets lined with cheering crowds to help them on their way. That takes some commitment!

For more information about Walk The Walk go to   http://www.walkthewalk.org

‘wear it pink’ a record 201 MPs support campaign

pinkLast month I was again at Portcullis House for the Breast Cancer Campaign to photograph MPs dressing up in pink to promote wear it pink day. A fundraising day for breast cancer, wear it pink  is Friday the 25th October.

A hectic day at times, but the Breast Cancer Campaign team helped  select the pink outfits  then guided the MPs in my direction so that I could photograph them in their pink gear. A total of 201 MPs were photographed that day, which beat the previous record by a long way. So look out in your local press in the next week or two to see if your MP was one of those supporting the charity, and see just how much pink they wear!

The wear it pink website is at  http://www.wearitpink.org

Tube Ad


Coming back from a job in Reading this morning, feeling a bit annoyed as I discovered before I left for the job that a courier had  ‘lost’  a new camera I had just bought. Standing, as you do, on the tube , not making eye contact and trying to blend in. Looking around I noticed an ad, and thought – that’s my shot! You might wonder how someone with 40 years in photography is still amazed at seeing their pics in print. Well it’s because a lot of stuff I do I never actually get to see in print. I don’t do much that appears on the street and if it’s in a publication I don’t go out of my way to find a copy – so this was unusual. So forget about blending in, out comes the camera and a few shots quickly rattled off.

The ad was for part of the Prostate Cancer UK’s Father’s Day campaign and features a shot of Ray Winstone taken during filming of the Father’s Day movie.

Father’s Day – The Movie

Neil Stuke on set during the filming of Father’s Day.

This week saw the launch of the film Father’s Day – a short film made for Prostate Cancer UK by Coast. The cast includes Ray Winstone, Charles Dance, John Simm, Neil Stuke, Stuart Laing, Cyril Nri, and Tamzin Outhwaite. The television company ITV has teamed up with Prostate Cancer UK and the film will air on ITV4 at 11.15pm Sunday 16th June as part of ITV’s ‘Stand By Your Man’ campaign.

I was asked by Prostate Cancer UK to shoot some stills on a couple of days of  filming back in March and also at the launch preview this week.

It was a great experience to be on set during the filming and meet some of the actors. Although I have worked with actors in theatre for many years it was a different experience watching actors work on a film. They have an ability to repeat scenes for different camera angles and make it virtually exactly the same every time, even when shooting the same scene on different days, it’s fascinating to watch.

I’ve just seen a few snippets so far. The film was on screen at the press reception at The Groucho club but I was working so couldn’t watch it all –  from what I saw it looks excellent  and so I for one will be watching ITV4 at 11.15pm this Sunday.

Father's Day
Neil Stuke, Tamzin Outhwaite and Cyril Nri tuck into popcorn at the screening of Father’s Day.

A ‘smashing start’ to the year…….


Well in  a way, as Bob Harris demonstrates  in the photo.

I have started this year,  close enough to the start anyway, with a new look for my website. Perhaps it’s more of a blog site as  now it features a blog, of which this is the first post. In the future I’ll include a selection of current work, hopefully stuff that is interesting or informative. Here is a shoot from the start of the year.

Smashing walnuts for Prostate Cancer UK, celebrities turned up at The Nutcracker Suite in Holborn for the event – the venue having been transformed from an old opticians. As you can see BBC radio presenter  Bob Harris (vintage readers may recall The Old Grey Whistle Test) gets particularly aggressive with some nuts. Shooting this close did, of course, mean being showered in bits of walnut! A great event, everyone had a good time and raised a lot of money for the charity.