Tube Ad


Coming back from a job in Reading this morning, feeling a bit annoyed as I discovered before I left for the job that a courier had  ‘lost’  a new camera I had just bought. Standing, as you do, on the tube , not making eye contact and trying to blend in. Looking around I noticed an ad, and thought – that’s my shot! You might wonder how someone with 40 years in photography is still amazed at seeing their pics in print. Well it’s because a lot of stuff I do I never actually get to see in print. I don’t do much that appears on the street and if it’s in a publication I don’t go out of my way to find a copy – so this was unusual. So forget about blending in, out comes the camera and a few shots quickly rattled off.

The ad was for part of the Prostate Cancer UK’s Father’s Day campaign and features a shot of Ray Winstone taken during filming of the Father’s Day movie.

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