A ‘smashing start’ to the year…….


Well in  a way, as Bob Harris demonstrates  in the photo.

I have started this year,  close enough to the start anyway, with a new look for my website. Perhaps it’s more of a blog site as  now it features a blog, of which this is the first post. In the future I’ll include a selection of current work, hopefully stuff that is interesting or informative. Here is a shoot from the start of the year.

Smashing walnuts for Prostate Cancer UK, celebrities turned up at The Nutcracker Suite in Holborn for the event – the venue having been transformed from an old opticians. As you can see BBC radio presenter  Bob Harris (vintage readers may recall The Old Grey Whistle Test) gets particularly aggressive with some nuts. Shooting this close did, of course, mean being showered in bits of walnut! A great event, everyone had a good time and raised a lot of money for the charity.

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