Clear out the trash

When I looked at the trash folder on my mail today and saw 33182 message there I thought, hmm, maybe I should delete those. What am I keeping them for? They’ve been there a while, it’s not like I haven’t noticed them pile up. Perhaps there’s a gem of an idea in there? A treasure trove of lost contacts? But  most likely it’s all junk, just junk.

The messages are still there just in case I need to re shoot the photo for the post. Why? I’m staring at the image I just shot, it’s on the screen now. Right I’ve deleted them. No I haven’t – still can’t quite bring myself to delete them. They say perfectionism is the excuse of the procrastinator – maybe I could tweak the shot a little? Perhaps I’m just a hoarder?

Now I’m not suggesting that having thirty three thousand messages on my mail will slow down my computer as they take up no space but it reminds me that I need to keep my machine in the best condition possible.  Keeping it running smoothly so that it doesn’t decide to give up at a crucial moment. That’s happened to me more than once and when it does happen it can mean working late into the night to meet a deadline, fingers triple crossed that nothing happens to cause more delay.

So no more putting things off, it’s nearly spring and time for a clear out.

Just deleted the trash.

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