iphone 5×5 : folkestone

[vimeo 107237680 w=500&h=280]


I happened to be in Folkestone recently, not on my own, sort of house hunting with my lovely wife. As usual I was distracted by other things and when I saw the old railway line going down to the docks I thought that I would go and have a look at the old station.  House hunting on hold I took out my phone and made this little 5x 5 second movie postcard from Folkestone. Currently the station is a venue for some art installations which are part of the Folkestone Triennial.

The old station at Folkestone docks, now disused, was once the stopping off point for travellers from the UK taking the ferry to France. I remember using it myself, in the days when you could get straight off the train and on to the ferry, before good old Eurotunnel.

Still house hunting – that makes two years now – maybe we’ll find something in another two.

Shot with an iphone 4s, edited in Premier Pro and graded with Speedgrade.

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