‘ Good weather for walkers’ – Naz

Nazaneen Ghaffar gets ready for the walk

Where did the Sun go last Saturday morning?

It was the day of the Parkinson’s UK ‘Walk in Greenwich Park’ and I was on my way to photograph the event. The air was a little chilly and the sky grey as I walked into the park, but after the recent hot weather I appreciated the change. Maybe I would check the forecast with the Sky weather presenter Nazaneen Ghaffar who was going to start off the walk.

I tried to keep up with the walkers as I photographed them and not lose them as I dodged around the route. Surprisingly difficult to find them sometimes  – despite their bright cyan T shirts. It was good to see the park back to normal after being used as an Olympic venue last year.

The clouds stayed for most of the walk; so it was cool, perfect for the walkers, also for me – nice flat light so I didn’t have to fight the harsh light of a clear blue sky.

So what was Naz’s view on the weather at the start of the day? ‘Good weather for walkers’ was the verdict but warming up later. Spot on – must take more notice of Sky weather forecasts in future!

Now, back to the heatwave?

To find out more information about Parkinson’s go to Parkinson’s UK.

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